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Manuscript EditingE

Manuscript Editing

Manuscript writing is a scientific art. To disseminate your research, the manuscript must be well-written in such a way that it should be recognized by the global expert committee. Research for many years always leads to minimal time for manuscript writing and lack of time for proofreading and editing. Our services start right from your manuscript preparation, especially in proofreading and editing. We also serve to define the right way of research by choosing the right literature.

Dissertation editing

Dissertation editing

Thesis/ Dissertation explain the worth of your entire research tenure. A well edited and proofread thesis/ dissertation gets the eligibility of awarding. The editing includes avoiding unintentional plagiarism and self-plagiarism, which is unavoidable while writing the report based on own publications. The authors can be many times inefficient to get rid of self-plagiarism. It is our panel responsibility to vanish such ethical issues. Our services review the quality and quantity of thesis/dissertation.

Proposal grant

Proposal grant

Do research with funds; Write proposal for fund – Reach us for the latter and achieve the first. Our Resbee services offer wide support for researchers and post doctorates on writing proposals for grant. We edit the proposal, review the quality, weigh the proposal budget and ensure the worth of it. Get the benefit of the services and become a funded researcher. Our services start from the title selection to the edit and the final check as per the requirements of standard funding agencies.

Scientific services

With the intent of Resbee ,a network of experts has been built and a virtual infrastructure is shared among them to meet the quality of editing services.

  • Review right papers for your research
  • Right beginning with well-defined layout
  • High quality articles and illustrations
  • Let the title speak about your article
  • Improve your abstract and conclusion
  • Encapsulate with mathematical models
  • Beautification by running examples
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Language & quality check

Our editing panel can understand the features and significances of the articles and present well to meet the language and quality standards.

  • Get rid of grammatical errors
  • Right usage of punctuations
  • Advanced scientific edits
  • Ensure zero plagiarism
  • Bibliographies are accurate
  • Asses your research by peer review
  • Article strengthen by recommendations
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Submission services

Our submission team takes care of your manuscript in formatting, reviewing and submitting the article for hassle free communication with the journals.

  • Forget “out-of-scope” response
  • Adhere with the submission template
  • Right words in right count
  • First-look on your article reaches Editor
  • Hassle-free submission & maintenance
  • Asses your revision with comments
  • Express and satisfy the reviewers
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In-house and Collaborative Research

Resbee info technologies has setup a sophisticated laboratory for all its in-house research needs. The laboratory setup is being used by the eminent employees of the organization as well as outside researchers. The in-house researchers are well experienced full-time engineers, who conduct research in diverse fields. The research projects are being guided by the experts of the respective domain. The research firm permits the outside researchers to collaborate with the in-house researchers and share the knowledge among them. It will be a great acheivement to the research community if the outside researchers join with our in-house research team for advancing their techniques.

Our featured service to bridge the academic researchers with our in-house research and vice versa

Our Services

Expert Committee

Our Team Binu D is the co-founder and managing director of Resbee info technologies. He is working towards introducing a new computing platform, called fictional computing.

Under the fictional computing, the Rider optimization algorithm was developed based on the principle of riders’ search, aiming to reach the target based on the imaginary idea. He is an exceptionally talented, skilled and gifted ten years of professional experience, having various domains knowledge and editing experience. He has diverse technical expertise, because of his research focus on applying data mining and soft computing methods in all the research areas.

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Our Team Rajakumar B R is the co-founder and director of Resbee info technologies. He is the founder of lion algorithm, which is a computational intelligence technique.

Since the publication of lion algorithm, it has been widely used by many researchers to meet their optimization problems. He is in research for the past 10 years and has a wide editing experience. He has diverse technical expertise, because of his research focus on applying soft computing methods in all the research areas. He is associated with the technical committee of soft computing.

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Resbee info technologies is a self-financed research and development base that aims at enhancing the research ideas and their implications. It was founded by two electronic engineers, B R Rajakumar and Binu D in the year 2016. Since its foundation, it has been actively conducting research in diverse fields that are facilitated by artificial intelligence and soft computing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be omni-present, which exactly refers to a virtually well-connected gorgeous expert team in geographically as well as technically distributed manner. The team facilitates the researchers to focus more on the quality and originality of the research. Moreover, the team offers guidelines to ensure the timeliness, accuracy, completeness and publication of the right research. The mission also supports to disseminate the interesting and socio-responsible findings of the research to all the technical community, enterprenaurs, corporates and administrators.

Our Vision

The vision of Resbee info technologies is well-focussed. It aims at ensuring and promulgating socio-responsible research and development. It can be accomplished only if the researchers of diverse fields are technically as well as socially well integrated. Hence, we define our vision as integrating experts of diverse fields, promoting interdisciplinary research, social implications of research and delivering the technical advent to every researcher.

Research scholarJapan.
I was in a confused stated about how to select the articles for my objectives. In fact, I did not understand whether my topic meets the current scenario. This service was useful for me. Now I started my research with confidence.
Research scholarDenmark
A worthful service. I admire with it.

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